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Get Educated

Drug use is happening. Right here. In our community.

The City of Hudson has seen a dramatic increase of reported overdoses. The following statistical information does not include Hudson residents who seek services in other cities. In two short years, the number of overdose cases in Hudson has almost doubled. In 2016, emergency personnel responded to 14 reported overdoses. Of these 14 individuals, Narcan had to be used 4 times. Many overdoses were from the use of prescription medications. In 2017, emergency personnel responded to 27 overdoses. Of these 27 individuals, Narcan had to be used 19 times.

Drug Safe Hudson is part of the Safe RX Regional Collaborative;  individuals from surrounding counties, working together to educate our communities on safe medication disposal. Check out the video on Safe RX medication disposal efforts below. Shout out to our friends at Portage County Mental Health and Recovery Board for spearheading the video

Safe RX Medication Disposal Video


Free Narcan is available for families. Families have the option to purchase Narcan. Some insurance carriers assist with the cost. Click the link below for more information.

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